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Mercedes AMG M177 (205) Cold Air Intake System

Mercedes C63s AMG 4.0l V8 BiTurbo M177 | dyno figures of our first prototype version on a full stock car! +11,2whp +14,3wtq

full stock car @ 34*C (tested) 454.170whp 661.473wtq

BB intake system @ 34*C (tested) 465.320whp 675.748wtq +11,2whp+14,3wtq

BB intake system @ 24*C (temperature corrected) 473.976whp 688.587wtq +19.8whp +27.1wtq

What is Important to know is that we are located in UAE and therefore have some of the worst weather conditions in the world and in our Dyno room.  Temperatures during testing were at 34*C, and we don’t use AC’s to cool down the dyno room. The performance gains are higher in colder countries.  Using standard temperature and density equations it is easy to calculate the HP at 24*C for example.

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The first thing that separates our downpipes is our massive 3.5" oversize design, which increases the flow over the 3.0" stock version by 37%.

We also have located our flexible bellow in a different location, which also contributes to an improvement in flow and a lessening of turbulence within the system.

A steady taper down to the factory outlet 70mm is present at the end of the downpipes, which means these are still a factory replacement with zero need for any modifications regardless of the increased size.  This steady taper is also a performance benefit, as it maintains a high exhaust velocity, something that is needed to maximize HP in a turbocharged application.

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M177 Upgraded Turbos +850HP +1.300NM

- Main characteristics: no lag throughout the whole RPM range
- Custom compressor wheel
- Custom turbine housing wheel
- Custom shaft
- Custom internal bearing
- Fine balancing by Schenk
- No core exchange required
- Bolt on installtion

- C63 AMG 4.0l V8 (W205/C205)
- C63s AMG 4.0l V8 (W205/C205)
- GLC63 AMG 4.0l V8 (X253/C253)
- GLC63s AMG 4.0l V8 (X253/C253)

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Mercedes AMG M177 (213) Cold Air Intake System

BlackBoost Performance Engineering Cold Air Intake System for the E63(S) AMG 4.0l V8 BiTurbo.

Developing our Cold Air Intake System, it was important to us to have a "fully" sealed air boxes when closing the hood. Using the BMC Air Filter, we have an filtration up to 7 micron, compared to the OEM filter with 10 micron filtration. With the Twin Air Filter, lateral and central we made sure that there is no restrictions on the air flow reaching the turbochargers.

We implemented in the inner location where the diverter valves are mounted a small plate to avoid the OEM malfunctions of damaging the air filters, using this design we have the same effect as on our "FTA" free to atmosphere adapters.

Performance figures here in the United Arab Emirates showed us an performance increase of 0,1x seconds 100km/h - 200km/h.

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