About Us

Performance without quality compromise. This is deeply embedded in our R&D before releasing products to the market. Over the years in the performance tuning business, we have seen and tried it all. For the past 2 decades we have specialized ourselves in high end performance vehicles. We have seen a big lack of quality, service and technical knowledge of so called "market leading companies" which was the reason to establish our own products and brand; we saw great room for improvement over what is available!

A very big advantage for our R&D is our location in the UAE. Having the worst weather conditions with +50 degree Celsius and 90% of humidity and the constant dust in the air, demands everything of an engine and the cooling setup. We can therefore say, developing products, working under this conditions wont have issues elsewhere in the world.


Our widowmaker SLS AMG 6.2l TwinTurbo Kit. Performance figures: 1.200hp 1.200Nm torque.

Your BlackBoost Performance Engineering Team