BlackBoost 722.9 Transmission Performance Package

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We proudly introduce the BlackBoost 722.9 Performance Clutch Kit

This Kit contains all necessary clutch elements to cover the 7 speed 722.9 transmission platform.

Our Clutch compound has been developed over years of testing on and off track, with the target of creating the perfect link between performance and daily drivability.

It has a much higher friction coefficient and is capable of resisting higher temperatures compared to OEM clutches.

This Kit has been extensively tested on BlackBoost setups some of them with over 1450nm/wheel even on AWD platforms.

No aftermarket Clutch Kit today is capable of performing in such a scale with those enormous torque numbers without increasing Clutch Pressure over TCU Software calibration.

In order to withstand such torque outputs, it is absolutely mandatory to intervene in the TCU (transmission control unit) to modify limiters and increase clutch pressure.

Smooth shifting and transmitting enormous power was our goal and this is the result;

The perfect Clutch Kit to re-build or upgrade any 722.9 7speed transmission available for AMG vehicle platforms


We suggest to avail a professional transmission technician for the installation of any transmission components.

All necessary OEM Seals, gaskets, transmission filter and the oil necessary to complete the installation process are not included in our package.

It’s always good and highly advised to flush the transmission oil cooling lines and radiator/heat exchanger.

It is mandatory to make sure the TCU adaptation values are perfectly in range, ignoring this could lead to clutch slippage and transmission damage.

This process is carried out from transmission specialists or certified Benz mechanics with Xentry diagnostic tool.

We neither cover any Warranty or Guarantee nor are refunds possible.

The installation is purely on the responsibility of the Buyer.