MB M177 CPC Module for all vehicles equipped with the latest 9G-TRONIC Transmissions *for all DIESEL & GASOLINE Vehicles*

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The latest Mercedes AMG models have their VMax (Speed limiter) and the torque limiters shifted and managed from a separate Module (called CPC). Therefore those values can not be modified through the ECU Software. We are gladly able to overwrite the CPS Module values and so unleash the full Performance Potential.

We Deliver Factory New CPC Modules Match-Coded and Married to the provided Vehycle VIN 

Following Modifications in the CPS Module are Available:
- VMax limiter removal
- Torque limiters removal
- Performance indicator Adjustment
- Exhaust valve Delete


The CPC Unites can only be Married Ones to A Vehicle VIN number therefore is not possible to Re-Married or install a used modified CPC to another Vehicle.

We are not Responsible for Damages caused by inappropriate installation of any Electronic or Mechanical Component.

We do not cover under Warranty or Guarantee Any Vehicle Electronic Components we sell in any case and for any reason.